About Swami Pradeep | Holistic Approach To Life

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Swami Pradeep is a Motivational Trainer, Mental Skills Trainer, Psychologist, Yoga therapist, Author, Hypnotherapist, spiritual healer and psychiatric counselor. Completed Masters in Psychology, Bachelors in Hypnotherapy and Ph.D in Yoga.

He has been teaching yoga and conducting counseling session in India and abroad for over several years. He was born in Kerala-India and brought up in Chennai India. He conducts Hypnotherapy and psychiatric counseling for people from all walks of life on various issues like, Marital problems, Mental worries, Fear Phobia’s, Motivational sessions, personality development sessions etc, through personal meetings, phone calls, mails and video calls.

He has also been in the corporate world for several years, and during his time he spent in the corporate world, he conducted Yoga classes and counseling sessions for his colleagues and friends in the corporate world, he was able to directly interact with lot of youngsters and inculcate the importance of Yoga and its benefits to them.

Passionate about understanding and modifying human behavior and take pride in assisting people in reaching their optimal behaviour through training & therapy/counseling session in areas like:

  • Behaviour Modification using CBT
  • Past Life Regression principles
  • Anxiety Management
  • Relationship and Marital Counselling
  • Stress Management
  • Counseling for Development, Distress & Disorders

Techniques used include cognitive Counselling, mind-mapping, narrative therapy, Pranayama, Yogasanas etc, contribute effectively and efficiently to all. An Expert in Sub-Conscious Mind Programming, Law of Attraction and changing life with Gratitude Practice. Swamiji’s work is to guide people on how to use Mind Power and Meditation as tools in the modern world, so that they can live their dreams.

  • Awarded with Global leadership certification and recognition for my contribution towards public Life Coaching, by “World Academy of Sciences, Humanities, Education and Literature- WASHEL” Bangalore in 2013.
  • Conducted Mental Skills Training program and Yoga Sessions for Tamilnadu Cricket Academy ( TNCA)
  • Conducted Personality Development programs for Madras Management Association (MMA)
  • Conducted Workshops and Yoga sessions in Kuwait, USA, Banglore, Delhi, Chennai etc.