Holistic Approach To Life Counselling sessions | Swami Pradeep

Personality Development Workshop:

The highlight of this workshop is training people on life coaching, personality development, and spiritual truth. I will be explaining the truth of life through, quotes, stories, and descriptions. Following is the Topics of this workshop:

  • LIFE: Know the truth and facts of reality, i.e. real and the unreal things of life.
  • SUCCESS: What is Success and how to apply in our daily life and succeed in life?
  • LEADERSHIP QUALITIES: once the way to success is known then we need to develop leadership qualities in us in every aspect of life, being a leader within oneself, in the family and in society.
  • MOTIVATION: To be a good leader one needs to motivate oneself and others in all aspects of life.
  • DEVELOP POSITIVE QUALITIES: then we need to develop our positive qualities to sustain our success and leadership ability.
  • DEVELOP FRIENDS: Through success, leadership quality and positive thinking, we need to develop friends, not just close friends but to have the ability to make friends with people who come across in our life.
  • ABOUT BODY AND MIND: Exercise part- to sustain all the noble quality we need strong body and mind, so here I emphasize of physical exercise through Yoga and breathing and mediation.
  • YOGA EXERCISE: Few simple Yoga Exercises and Breathing techniques are taught.
  • MEDITATION: What is Meditation and how do we practice meditation.
  • HEALTHY TIPS: Few guidelines to keep oneself-healthy.